Modern, international company

ABS Transport company has been on the market for 11 years. It is owned by the international logistics group Hage Logistik GMBH from Kiel. ABS TRANSPORT has a special, strategic position in the group by expanding the activity of Logistik Gruppe Kiel to the territory of Poland and the countries of Central and Southern Europe, and at the same time by changing the quality of services and possibilities of transport from Western Europe and Scandinavia. The key advantage of our company that contributes to our Polish and foreign Clients’ success in business is the mixture of Polish energy and the long-standing experience of the European transport service leader.

Unbeatable location – added value to our offer is the situation on the  crossing of two important transport routes, our own, independent access to harbor and vast storage facilities. 

Pioneer’s experience

ABS TRANSPORT’s specialty is the transport and handling of dry goods especially grains and fertilizers. ABS was the first company in Poland which worked in accordance with GMP + B4 standards and in 2004 it received a certificate in transport of animal feed.
Our services are always fully professional and characterized with the highest quality. We always care for our Clients best interest.

Partnership with Polish transport companies

Our credibility is only supported by our long-lasting cooperation and partnership with a vast number of Polish transport companies. 
A modern ABS fleet consists of over a dozen of heavy good vehicles and different types of  specialized semitrailers. Tractor units owned by the company comply with EEV and Euro 6. emission standards. Moreover, our long-lasting cooperation with the selected transport companies guarantees that your goods will be delivered quickly and efficiently to any chosen location. 


We are always one step ahead

Our company’s mission is to develop constantly. That is why we continue to invest not only in improvement our staff’s qualifications, but also in modernization of our fleet of vehicles and of our technical resources. 
A dedicated IT system enables online monitoring of the vehicles which deliver our Clients’ orders . It also supervises the key processes in the company.

Communication and openness

Taking from our long-lasting experience and real passion for logistics, our dedicated, friendly and professional team has become an alternative for transport “without a face” – for big anonymous forwarding companies. We help our client succeed by offering complementary and modern logistics solutions for transport of bulk goods. Our forwarding officers speak German, English and Russian fluently. 

Top quality of services is our priority

Apart from professional communication and efficient, quick and flexible service, you can also expect a welcoming attitude and openness, because the Customer always comes first. We respect our Clients and we take care of their business. One of our key tasks is to understand our Clients’ needs properly and to provide them with well-adjusted solutions. 

Bulk transport can also be organized in a modern way!


Fleet- always at your service

ABS fleet consist of 11 modern tipper trucks. These are tractor units with light aluminum semitrailers with the load capacity ranging from 45 to 55 cubic meters and carrying capacity of up to 27 tones.

Additionally, due to our main specialization connected with transport of grains and fertilizers, all our semitrailers are equipped with special dampers for grains and anti-dust sleeves which allow quick and comfortable unloading. 

We also organize professional transport of other dry goods both locally and internationally. All our vehicles are fully insured. 

Logistics network

Apart from our own fleet, ABS Transport has signed many long-lasting contacts with transport companies and as a result has a varied fleet of vehicles for different purposes.  All transport companies which cooperate with us must meet high standards and the quality of their services is constantly monitored.


Total flexibility

When necessary, we realize some orders in time windows within the “just in time” system. Thanks to an optimal process management we are able to reduce costs of transport and to optimize the use of vehicles and work time of the drivers
Another key issue for us is the reliability of the fleet vehicle. That is why, we make sure that our whole fleet is always operational, modern and insured in accordance with the required norms. 

We can handle even the most distant and complex transport for you. 

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