National transport

Experience and modernity

ABS offers professional road transport of goods across Poland. Many years of experience, modern fleet, excellent drivers and automated process management enable quick and effective realization of our Clients’ orders. 

For years, we have been cooperating with the biggest companies in the agribusiness; producers, distributors of fertilizers, grain traders, manufacturers of animal feed and of other bulk goods e.g. aggregate, coal, sand or biomass.



Client always comes first

We treat each order individually. Choosing our services gives you a guarantee that your goods will be delivered to their destination in a quick and safe manner and that it will be handled with care. Apart from full truck load services we also offer less than truck load and part-load transport services.
Our workers have both Polish and German Certificates of Professional Competence, which are required for the road transport, and our drivers are authorized to practice their profession. 




Since 2004 we have had, as one of the first Polish transport-forwarding companies, the international GMP + B4 Certificate which confirms high quality of our services and the care with which we handle loads that are entrusted to us.
We are open to cooperate with you!

International transport


International transport services offered by ABS are of the top quality. We apply standards of quality, reliability and safety which operate worldwide.
We have all licenses and documents which are necessary in international transport. We constantly improve the quality of our services through new investments and development of our staff’s qualifications. 



We guarantee full safety of transport to our Clients. All goods are insured in accordance with the local requirements. 
Our drivers, when on the road, are constantly in touch with the forwarding officers.


Our workers are professionals who combine passion and experience. We always keep agreed deadlines and we take care that the load is safely delivered. 

Transport of AGRI goods

Unique specialization 

One of our company’s specializations is transport and handling of dry goods especially of animal feed. The company, being the first in Poland, implemented GMP+ B4 standard, the so called Animal Feed Road Transport, which assures health safety of the transported goods. All vehicles are equipped with GPS monitoring system which enables constant control over the transported goods.

Our fleet consist of heavy good tippers and different types of semitrailers. We own light weight semitrailers with the capacity ranging between 45 and 55 cubic meters and carrying capacity of up to 27 tons.
The semitrailers are equipped with special dampers for grains which unload the goods straight onto conveyor belt which is especially convenient while unloading grains, animal feed and fertilizers. 

Additionally, the company has its own specialist facilities for storage and handling of grains and fertilizers. 

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