Combination of international experience 

Logistik Gruppe Kiel in an international group of companies which combines versatile and complementary offer in the field of transport, logistics, handling of loads and agribusiness. 
This international and multimodal logistics network offers the best, individual logistics solutions to its Clients and by this supports development of Customers’ businesses. 
ABS Transport plays a strategic role in Logistik Gruppe Kiel, by providing its knowledge, years of experience and the know-how in the field of transport and logistics. 



Comprehensive logistics services across Europe

Wide range of solutions offered by Logistik Gruppe Kiel to its affiliate companies translates into completely new possibilities for them. It is a great opportunity to work with one partner while satisfying various business needs. This makes cooperation more comfortable, and our client by saving time and money can focus on implementation of strategic goals of their companies. 

Supply Chain Management for AGRIBUSINESS

Supply Chain Management for agribusiness means access to the international technological and capital support resources and it allows realization of projects connected with a comprehensive management of the supply chain. Yes!  Supply Chain Management is also possible in case of agribusiness and bulk goods.

Activity of ABS Transport in an example of this innovatory solution. 

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